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The Perfect Family Tradition... for Traditional and Non-Traditional Families Alike

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

I swear... If I had a nickel for every time I was told I'm too unconventional to be a good Mom/Wife/Whatever I'd be a Millionaire!

My music’s is too edgy.

My style’s too dark.

My movies are too extreme.

If I ALSO had a nickel for every time I was told I'm too traditional to be a COOL Mom/Wife/Whatever I'd be a Multi-Millionaire!

My values are too old-fashioned.

My demeanor’s too cute.

My love of puns is lame.... psh! 

Which is why I freakin' ADORE families like these guys! They're my favorite! <3 They work hard all week, raise their kids with old-school values and manners and can still Rock-N-Roll when we need a night out!

And I KNOOOOW there's more of us!

And I invite you to get in on this tradition that celebrates all of those things that make you and your family different!

Look, your family doesn't have to be traditional to get value from a tradition like family portraits.

And you don't have to settle for light and airy or pastel-ie, pretty scenes.

No frolicking required either.

Teens and Seniors, Couples, Families, Headshots....

We plan every session out to figure out who you are and exactly what type of imagery you actually need that fits your style!

"But I love to frolic…"

Don't worry, you're not alone! I found this comment in my inbox just a couple weeks ago:

“I love your images and your style but it seems like everyone’s always posed and looking at the camera. Do you also do any, where you capture the connection?”

To answer in a word, YES!

Growing up I loved watching movies and looking through magazines.

I was always so inspired by billboards and movie posters… the “hero piece”.

The one EPIC shot that caught your eye and made you even care in the first place!

(I’ll be the first to admit… I DO judge a book by it’s cover.)

So it’s only natural that my start in photography was creating THE piece!

The one to be hung above the mantle.

That piece is the one you see every day.

The one you all reminisce about at family holidays.

The one you pass down to future generations.

...And future generations? They want to see your faces!

But this is why I emphasize the planning portion of my portrait process.

Because the other goal is to tell your story and to celebrate your love and connection. If that’s your priority, we’ll talk albums and story boxes. And then we’ll go on to capture it all and fill the pages with BOTH the faces and aaaaall the feelings!

So yes, I will capture the connection, the love and laughter... all of it!

What I will not do, is leave it to chance. We'll set the scene and light it right.

David Alan Harvey said it best "Don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it FEELS like."

Here’s how we go about it:

my Portrait Planning Process, explained

#1 | First on our phone call: I’m an Interviewer.

Asking all the right questions to dig in and pull out the smallest details that you overlook daily but will one day be the sweetest part of the memories… IF they’ve been preserved for you to remember, that is!

#2 | Switching hats, I turn Creative Director.

Putting together a mood board to review with you and planning every detail of the perfect shoot that artfully tells and ultimately preserves your whole entire story!

#3 | Then I’m a Stylist.

Coming to your home to help you pick out the outfits that photograph best, that showcase YOUR unique style AND flatter your figure.

#4 | ..and on to Interior Designer.

Helping you select and customize art pieces that fit your home best. Hint: if you want that #swoonworthy hero piece over the mantle, make sure you “match the couch”… I’ll explain when we meet.

The photography you know me for is only one piece of the puzzle.

Let’s face it. It’s no longer a matter of everyone KNOWING a photographer… these days, everyone IS a photographer!

With KateAstrophy Imagery, it’s NOT about just another pretty picture, it’s about celebrating relationships, trying on new personas, showcasing love, connections and passion through EPIC Imagery!

You want your average pretty picture just to post quick on insta?

Call your ‘BIFFL’ with the ‘fancy iphone’... a button pusher and portrait mode will do the trick just fine.

You want custom art pieces that build into a collection over the years to tell your story, to leave your legacy, to celebrate your spirit and showcase your style?

Call a professional. Call me, Kate!

Because someday, God willing, you’re going to sit down with your great grand baby and say “look kiddo, I found the pictures of grandma!” And do you really want granda's portraits to be the ones with the floppy ears, puppy tongue waggin’ in the wind and dated filters… assuming there’s even a device anymore able to open the file?!

Or do you want to hand her THIS?!

Ready to start a new tradition for your family that celebrates every little thing that makes you different?! Use the 'Work with Me' button to get started.

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