Stop wasting time and money on the search for unoriginal stock photos and creating low-quality selfies!

Together, let's create an entire ARSENAL of images that are:



>> and share YOUR SPECIFIC Story, Services and Products!

Consumers today want to be entertained and inspired.

But with photography more accessible than ever before, it's becoming harder and harder to rise above the noise!

But rise above you did! After all, you're a #WildOne right?! A thrill-seeker, a risk-taker, and above all, an IMPACT-MAKER! With your kind of spunk and gumption, you've managed to make enough waves to get to where you are. But here's the thing:

Even after you've gotten their attention, you still need more and more "scroll-stopping" images to KEEP IT!

Enter: the Cohesive, Done-For-You Branding and Content of KateAstrophy Imagery's EPIC Brand Photography Services!

- Ignite your Brand >> Attract your DREAM CLIENTS with LESS WORK than ever

- Engage your Audience >> Stop their scroll and truly connect

- Increase Conversions >> Consumers buy from those they Know, Like + Trust

- WOW clients >> Take it offline with show-stopping, on-brand, custom art for your building, trade show booths, marketing materials and more.

I'll Travel to you to be Your Personal Photographer for a Day - with recurring, quarterly options available - giving you a variety of MONTHS-WORTH of high-quality images at a time!





On average, entrepreneurs spend about 30 minutes a day putting a picture together to post. That's 45 hours each quarter. How much further could you move your business with an ADDITIONAL MONTH back EACH YEAR?!


That's the power of the brand services offered here! Get back to those money making tasks, let me do the rest.

Step 1 | Concept Consultation + Custom Brand Strategy

First I invite you into my world with a concept consultation! During which we pause reality for just a moment to talk big, WILD dreams! Even if you don't believe it's possible, I do! I believe you are the captain of your brand and your life. I want to really learn in depth about your business and your goals for your brand and marketing. Don't worry though, while this can be a big process, I offer recurring services so you won't have to go through this process of introducing your brand to a new person every time you need more images. Next we'll explore all the possibilities for your images, what you want them to do for your brand and we'll customize a plan for your session and brand strategy. I pride myself on being able to then get down to brass tacks, creating the imagery that will help you effectively steer that ship!

Step 2 | Brand Photography Session

This is where it all comes to life. After all the planning we've done leading up to this point, this will be easy-breezy. We'll be able to flow right through from story to story. Contact me to learn more about stories, how they simplify your marketing strategy...

Step 3 | Mastery Retouching

This part is on me. Many photographers skimp here, adding a couple quick adjustments and moving on to deliver a huge quantity quickly. I however, deeply value quality and insist on taking the time to give each portrait that edge and wow factor that will truely elevate and IGNITE your brand!

Step 4 | Delivery + Uses for Increased Connections and Conversions

Once your images are ready you'll receive a link via email to download your own custom brand app to store right on your mobile device for quick access! This app contains an entire arsenal of your custom branded imagery - both high resolution and copies optimized for web. So you'll be all set to market your heart out across all avenues availabe to your brand! There's a few Key Things to Note: + Included in the image licensing is the right to crop and edit the images however you need! + While always appreciated, No photo credit is required when sharing or using the images! + Recurring sessions are available! Most clients find a quarterly schedule most beneficial.


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